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August 31 2014


World Of Ranicke 02

When he mentioned his finding it odd being attracted to some of the women she lightly laughed. "It sounds so odd there only being humans and nobody else, or no other species." She kissed his neck again kept speaking. "Actually many of the humans stay to their own kind and rarely breed with any other species. That is even when they are members of a tribe." She shrugged as if most humans were weird and who could understand them.

Jim simply laughed at her when shrugged. "I don't know if anything will happen this evening but I wouldn't mind crawling in with you and getting some cuddling in." He had never been with a woman who was nursing a baby and the idea sounded a bit odd. It was rather nice getting comfort from many of the clan members, or the ones that did know. He hadn't told very many though based on his odd clothing it was sort of obvious he wasn't from anywhere near there.

She grinned. "So is that what you call it? It is early let's go dance." At one of the fires that was being kept going some musicians were starting up along with a couple of singers. As he tried to protest she kept pulling at his hands. "I know you don't know the dances but I have seen you in the training circle and you can learn easy enough."

He finally laughed and stood up at her insistence. "I suppose but if I manage to step on both your feet at one time you only have yourself to blame." Dancing was not something he had done a great deal of since the few girls he had been with long term hadn't really gone for it.

Nasha laughed. "Well in that case I might foist you off on someone else for the first dance or two." Her short tail was wagging in amusement when she said that. She didn't though and pulled him into the crowd and started showing him an easy dance that others were doing.

Jim frowned at her and growled just for good measure. "Just for that I am going to do something to you. Not sure what but something." When she pulled him into the crowd he almost panicked since most of the males were taller than he was and many of the females were about his height and he wasn't short. Slowly he started having fun. Before he knew it he had been passed off to another lady, maybe a neko though as dark as it was he was only guessing.

They must have danced for a good hour before he discovered himself in Sorrel's arms and she was grinning. "Well if I had known..." She started laughing and gave him a peck before finally handing him off to Nasha again. "Hope you have a good evening. I know I am." She was dancing now with a Squorrel male and they were looking interested in each other.

He shook his head and then sort of angled to the edge of the crowd. "My feet hurt and I am thirsty for something sweet yet tart." Moments later they were at a table of beverages and someone handed him a glass that he tossed down and then felt his eyes cross. "Oh man, I think one of those is going to be good enough for me." It definitely had the bite of alcohol in it and something strong as well.

Eventually they made it to her tent since they took their time walking there. One thing he made sure not to do was to avoid looking up. Usually there was some sort of cloud cover but he had made that mistake one evening. Seeing two moon's, one small and one larger as well as totally different stars had badly shaken him. During the day he could sort of pretend that things were somewhat normal but night was totally different. It gave him time to think about things and how he was never going to see his world again. That night he had a bad nightmare and it took Sorrel a good fifteen minutes to calm him down.

He hated feeling so weak but everything was so different. The clothes, not used for work were in colors that he had never imagined before. They lived in lovely tents that had specially designed furniture that could break down into small pieces and be neatly stacked together and fancy carpets on the floor to keep dirt down. Yes they worked hard during the day gathering food, making goods that were needed, and things like that. Most evenings they would lean back and break out instruments and have small on the spot parties.

It was just so different from anything he had grown up with or experienced. They did have night patrols but it was to keep animals away and not to watch against enemy troops. That was the hardest part for him to get used to. Virtually everyone carried a knife but it was a tool and not a weapon. That idea was so foreign to him that sometimes all he could do was stare as the warriors went past making their rounds and wonder what it would be like to only have to worry about wild animals.

She had noticed that he was being very quiet as they walked back and for most of the way leaned against his arm but finally spoke. "What are you thinking about Yim?" She still wasn't getting his name quite right. "Since we left the dance you have been very quiet and smell almost sad and lost. Is there anything I can do to help?" Nasha reached up and stroked one cheek for a moment and though he probably couldn't see it a gentle smile.

Jim twitched and sighed. "Culture shock mostly. Your tribe is so different than anything where I come from. There are a few cultures that live this sort of free life yours does but many of them aren't nomadic." He moved his arm to around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze. "Now that I am mostly well I think it is finally hitting me that I might not be able to go home. Tomorrow I have a meeting with some of the elders and knowledge keepers but am not going to get my hopes up. Sorrel says not to give up hope but sometimes it just eats at me if I do."

They were finally at her tent and he stretched and staggered a bit. "Good god what the hell was in that drink?" He must be more tired than he thought. Jim grinned slightly as she opened a small window on one of the lights they used. It was some sort of stone that gave off a soft glow when you used small ones. It was just enough to see by to get undressed and into bed. "Those things would be a cool party trick at my house." He stripped and slid into one side of the bed after making sure he knew where the privacy tents were.

She snickered at him. "Someone was playing a trick on you with that glass. It also has a plant extract that makes the alcohol feel stronger. It means you are starting to be accepted as someone who can be teased." Nasha stripped down as well but left her breast bands on before climbing in and closing the door on the light. She snuggled close to him. "Just sleep tonight Yim. Maybe another evening we can have a bit of fun but I think right now you just need some comfort. Good night."

He had rolled on his side and watched her get undressed and an odd expression crossed his face. From the looks of it she actually had four breasts and not two. Jim also had to take a few moments to figure out why Sorrel went to bed nude and Nasha didn't. Suddenly it dawned on him and he got a sort of 'O' expression and then felt really stupid.

Nasha lauhed quietly at him. "I am not into waking up with wet sheets." She hadn't caught the confusion with the number of breasts and curled up with her arms around him. "Talk to you in the morning." She nuzzled his neck and seemed to drop off pretty quickly.

Jim just had to lay there and sort of mentally shake his head for a moment. "God this world is going to push me over the edge. There are probably people with hug-me-coats helping me into one as I lay here." It was said in sort of a mocking way but he ended up stroking the fur on her back and side for a few minutes before finally falling asleep.


The next morning he was sort of rudely awakened when a woman cleared her throat at the tent flap. "Nasha could you watch Emily for me for..." She blinked and then lowered her ears in a blush when Jim sat up and yawned. "Oh I am sorry I didn't realize you had company."

Jim yawned again and shook his head. "Don't worry about it. I was just getting ready to go to the privacy tents and grab a bath." He stood up and then blushed since he wasn't wearing anything and grabbed some shorts and pulled them on quickly. Since it looked like Nasha was still trying to wake up he couldn't help but walk over to the lady. She looked like a kitsune and her baby was maybe 6 months old. "How cute. Can I hold her for a moment while Nasha finishes waking up?"

The lady couldn't help but watch Jim get dressed though since she had a mate it was just interest. As he approached she gave him a good look over and realized he was the human that had been saved by the White Lady. She figured if both Sorrel and Nasha felt comfortable around him then he must be okay. "If you want but just make sure to keep the cloth around her bottom or you get the mess."

He laughed at her when she said that and moved over and with her help took the baby from her and pulled her close to his chest and had to smile. "I remember my nephew at this age and he was so cute. Never did diapers though." Once he had her in one arm he lightly stroked her ears and had to smile. "Someday maybe I might have a child."

Nasha was sitting up. "Bring her here silly since she is starting to wake up and she is going to be hungry." She had removed a breast band and took the baby from him and held her up to one breast. "Can you ask Danita to swing past? I need to grab a bath as well and breakfast but then I can watch her for the rest of the morning."

Jim had never seen a baby nursing before and was fascinated by it. The little girl was totally focused on what she was doing and he had to smile. As her mother left the tent to look for the other woman Jim settled down on the bed and ran his finger along the baby's cheek. He had to smile and the tiny grumble he got from her and her ears lowering back in complaint. "Okay stinker I will let you feed in peace." He was really smiling. "I am going to go and get my bucket for a bath."

Nasha had to grin at his reaction. "Never seen a baby feed before? How odd." If you looked around you would see a number of women nursing their babies during the day. It was such a normal part of her world that it was something she would never have thought about. "I will see you when you get back."

He had to shake his head. "No, we had what we called baby formula that could be picked up at stores and was a powder. You mixed it with water in a bottle that had a fake nipple on it and fed them that way." For a brief moment that sounded really odd to him. With a peck he left the tent and headed to Sorrel's tent and when he walked in he grinned since she was still asleep and there was obviously a body next to her. "Gee should I be insulted?" He murmured before grabbing his bucket and sneaking back out.

By the time he got back to Nasha's tent he was still grinning and got an odd look from Nasha. "It seems that Sorrel was lonely last night..." After thinking about it he was a bit bothered but having seen all the bed swapping he wasn't offended.

Nasha laughed as she grabbed her things as well. "Shall we? I want a bath and food." She wrapped an arm around his and started towards the springs. "So are you bothered by it?" She asked him as they were walking along.

He shrugged. "Sort of but that is because that is how my culture would feel. Your culture is different and I am trying hard to see it from your culture's point of view." Jim quickly stripped and slid into the cold water and waited for her to get in as well before starting.

Eventually they were done getting clean when an alarm went up. Everyone in the bathing area froze for a moment as a horn blew out a series of tones. He turned to Nasha and if he could have seen her skin she would have paled. "What is going on?" He asked her as he started to tense up in reaction to the others.

She gasped. "A child is lost and appears to have gone into the forest. They are calling all warriors and hunters for search parties." Before she could say anything else Jim jerked his cloths on and left the springs at a full sprint.

He came screaming into the tent and caught both the male and Sorrel starting to get out of bed as the alert finally penetrated. "Morning." He absently said as he went to the corner that had his equipment in it. Since he had started recovering he repaired the sections where they had started cutting the vest and slings off. Jim jerked it on and zipped up before reloading his pistol and MP5SD. He knew where the warriors would be meeting and he left the tent at a good clip though not enough to kill himself.

When he ran up the senior warrior there gave him a skeptical look. He wasn't carrying anything that looked like a weapon and frowned. "Are you sure you are up to this? If you really think so go over to that wagon and get a weapon. You will need more than a little knife."

Jim almost said something but chose not to since his weapons wouldn't make any sense to them. They simply didn't have the knowledge base to comprehend his weapons. As directed he walked over to the cart and dug through the weapons and couldn't help but smile slightly. There were a variety of swords, bows, and better yet axes. Those he dug through and pulled out a very nice double bit axe and grinned. It had a good heft and a back sling. He pulled the axe out of the sheath and was rather startled since it was or appeared to be made of wood.

It had a good heft and after checking one or two other weapons they all seemed to be made of some sort of wood as well. With that he slung it over his shoulder and made sure it didn't interfere with his other weapons. Once he was ready he headed back over and the weapons master sighed and pointed him at a team that he had been training with. He headed over and nodded. "Greetings. Can you tell me the age and species of the missing child?"

The senior warrior greeted him. "We have one more to arrive before I brief everyone. Check to make sure you have all of the equipment you need while we wait." The warriors started doing that through they were giving Jim an odd look because of his gear.

Jim simply smiled at them and ran his fingers over the various pouches and quietly muttered as he identified them. "First aid, pistol clips, rifle clips, flash grenades..." Right as he finished his checks the last warrior came running up and stopped with the rest of the group.

"Okay warriors we have a 7 year old kitsune girl who was last seen with a small group that was being watched by several mothers. They were near the edge of the forest learning about some of the plants. Next thing they knew was she was missing." He looked around the group and all of them were looking grim at that information. "We are leaving now and we are going to be searching the Nalos section of the forest. As other teams form up they will be assigned different sections. Jim stay in the center please."

Jim nodded and as they started moving out he pulled up his MP5SD and called on all his training to remain as quiet as the others. He scanned the forest as best possible but this was the first time he had been more than a few feet inside the jungle since he was hurt. To be honest it sort of bothered him since everything was economy sized. The trees were massive, the plants were massive, hell even most of the people were on the economy side. He actually felt rather short most of the time any more.

The leader was staying close and was passing commands via hand signals. He had been learning them and they were for the most part close enough to what he had known that it wasn't hard to pick up. The team itself was made up 8 warriors and though they were trained in much the same thing some had inclinations for special aspects. Right now the trackers were up front and starting to look for any traces of the little girl. There were several behind as rear guards. Even though the forest nearby was relatively cleared of the dangerous animals there was always a chance to run into one.

They had been gone a good half hour before one of the trackers held a hand up and indicated them to stop. He waved the other over and they took a few moments and nodded. One turned around and waved the leader over. They pointed at something that Jim couldn't see and pointed in a direction off to one side. After a few more hand signals the leader nodded and waved them on.

Jim had to assume they had picked up the tracks of the girl and he really hoped that they would find her soon. The last thing he wanted to do was to have to help take a small body back to her parents. Now they were moving somewhat faster as they trackers had her trail. They were still being careful looking for dangers but moving much faster than before.

It wasn't too much longer before they started hearing noises and frankly they were terrifying to Jim since one was a little high pitched voice screaming for help. There was another much deeper almost grunting growl that almost covered it up. He mentally cursed since it sounded like it was a very large animal that was trying to get to the girl. As they moved forward his fingers ran across his supplies again and hoped he wouldn't have to use the grenade he had. A flash bang was one thing but the other? If he did he would hold it between him and the monster.

The leader slowed down a bit and indicated for everyone to be as silent as possible. He managed not to glance at Jim when he indicated that. So far he had been doing pretty good for a novice and was pleased with how well he was handling himself though he would have preferred to leave him behind. When they reached the clearing the trackers again indicated for everyone to stop and waved the leader over.

He moved forward and stiffened. He started handing out commands and indicated that Jim and one of the others needed to go to the far end of the clearing and Jim had to sigh. He looked at Thomas and waved him on and followed him till they reached the end of a small clearing and when he peaked around a large tree he was horrified. Somehow the little girl had gotten into a tree and a massive bear was clawing at the trunk trying to get to her.

As he was looking at the bear something seemed to be wrong with it. Granted he wasn't all that familiar with bears but it looked rather emaciated and one of the paws looked damaged or warped. From where the leader was a whistle rang out and Jim glanced at Thomas.

Thomas leaned over and very quietly whispered into his ear. "He is calling for assistance and for all archers to start shooting at the bear. If we can distract him we can get the girl and then we don't have to worry about endangering her."

Jim contemplated that and very carefully whispered back. "I have something like a bow. It is probably going to get its attention. You might want to move aside in case." He moved around the tree and lifted the submachine gun and clicked the safety off. As he was starting to aim he noticed several arrows coming out of the forest and hit the bear. It didn't look like they were doing much damage and he hoped his weapon would do more.

Jim fired off small bursts and was aiming at the upper back of the animal. He was hoping to distract it as much as anything. Once away from the girl he had more options including the grenade if needed. Though the weapon was suppressed it made a definite sound that had never been heard before on this world. He kept firing but at first the bear didn't seem to notice the impacts till one set of bullets seemed to hit something that got a roar.

The bear dropped down to its feet and turned and roared at him. Right about then his submachine gun jammed and he cursed. Since the pistol was also a 9mm he figured it wouldn't do much more than the other weapon had. For some reason the rounds just didn't seem to penetrate very far. Blood could be seen but it wasn't flowing or spurting which he would have expected.

As he had been firing at the bear the archers were still firing and the bear looked almost like a pin cushion. It was starting to slow down but Jim was sure that it had more than enough energy left to tear him to pieces before it was killed. Since he didn't have time to clear the weapon he dropped it on the sling and whipped the axe out of the sheath and jumped behind a tree. Thomas was behind the next tree over and was giving Jim an odd look but had his sword out.


Writer's Fantasy Ch. 01

Still Marissa wouldn't let him come. She was cruel.

I thought I heard her moving somewhere but I couldn't be sure over the pounding rush of blood in my ears. Then she slipped a finger into me, underneath my panties. She surprised me and I tightened.

"Fucking A' Jenny," Marissa said. "You're beyond dripping wet, you're a river.

She found my clit and I was shocked and horrified; that wasn't supposed to happen!

"No, you're an ocean! Jesus Christ, Jenny, that's unbelievable," Marissa said.

But I could barely hear her. I started writhing against her. I couldn't believe this was happening. I thought that David would fuck both of us but I never thought that Marissa would be touching me. And I never thought that it would feel this good. She knew exactly what she was doing. I felt my eyeballs roll up in my head. My feet began to tingle. My forehead broke out in sweat. I continued to go up and down on David's cock but my attention was divided.

"Marissa, please!" David screamed.

"STOP!" Marissa yelled as she slapped my ass at the same time she withdrew her other hand. She grabbed my hips hard and pulled me away.

"Holy fuck," I whispered. I was panting. I fell over to my side. "What the hell was that?" I whispered.

"What the hell was that, Mistress," she said and laughed.

David made this amazing moan sound and stroked himself. "I must have been really, really good in my last life," he said.

Marissa leaned over me and took his hand and removed it from where it was.

"Hey, I was enjoying watching that," I said.

Hair pull.

"I was enjoying watching that... Mistress," I said.

"I'm very glad," Marissa said. "But it's time for you to fuck him."

Instant blood pressure spike.

"Get up," she said. Hard voice.

Spring. I was on my feet so fast I almost bent the laws of physics.

She laughed.

She had a scissors in her hand. When did she get that? While I was going down on David?

Snip. My bra was cut in half. Snip, snip. My underwear was gone.

"God that's hot," David said. His hand was back on his cock.

Marissa threw the scissors down far away toward the dining room. She ripped a condom packet open with her teeth and threw it onto David's chest. He had it on in a second.

She pointed at David's cock.

"Sit. Ride," she said.

I lowered myself on David's cock. My eyes went to half-mast immediately as he filled me up. I had never felt anything so good in my life.

"Put your arms like this," Marissa said placing my arms on the back of my head and putting my elbows out. "So that your tits rise up higher and sway more."

She caressed the bottom of my breasts.

"Tell her how beautiful she is, David," Marissa said.

"You're gorgeous Jenny," he said. "Mind-blowingly beautiful." He looked at me; his eyes dilated with passion and intimacy, his cock kicking hard with strain as I rode him very slowly.

Marissa got behind me, fitting the front of her hips to my ass. She mimicked my up and down motions. She put her hands on my breasts, slowly molding them up, caressing them. Then she rolled my nipples, pinched them. I couldn't think. She dragged her nails across the now standing at attention tips.

Holy shit.

I started moaning.

"That's it Slave Girl," Marissa said. "Make noise for me."

She stopped me when I was at the very top of an up stroke, the tip of his penis barely in me at all and held me there. Then I whimpered.

"That's it Baby Bitch," she said. "I like it when you whimper."

"Please Mistress," I said.

"Please, I'm begging you," David said.

Marissa reached around and flicked one quick hard stroke across my clit.

"Damn it," I whispered.

Marissa got up.

"Roll," she said firmly and made a turn over motion with her finger.

I sank back down on David's cock and he rolled me over fast, with a sure, strong motion that got me hot all over again. He didn't wait for instructions but began pummeling into me. It was like he unhinged his hips and let his heart go. He balanced on his forearms and stared me in the eyes.

"You okay?" he mouthed.

I nodded.

"Faster?" he mouthed.

I nodded.

"Okay," he said.

I closed my eyes and focused on the sensations. My slick cunt, the knowledge that Marissa was watching, the great subtle grunting sounds David was making. His smell was amazing, an extremely masculine musk that was pure sex and underneath it the faintest trace of soap and maybe a hint of a very subtle cologne. His thick dark hair fell around us like a curtain, giving our faces privacy even as our bodies were exposed. I bent my knees and planted my feet on his calves and pinioned my hips up to meet each thrust.

I hit a sort of ecstasy and felt tiny stars break and shatter and a second later I felt his erection kick hard inside me and heard his shout and then he collapsed on top of me.

"I will write you any report you ever need if I can just do that again," he said. "I will pay you if I can just do that again," he said. He lifted his torso slightly and brushed a lock of hair off my face. "My love," he added.

He got off me and rolled us so I was cuddled against his chest.

Marissa came and lay on his other side and curled against him.

"Jenny has to write this column every week you know," Marissa said. "So you're on the hook now, David. She has a lot more she has to learn. So you're going to have to do this again. And again and again and again."

David groaned. "You two are going to kill me. Of course that means I'm going to die the happiest man alive. That's assuming that I'm not already dead. Am I dead?" He asked.

Marissa laughed. "I don't think so. We need you alive and warm for Monday."

Holy mother of God.

"For literature," Marissa said.

"I'm nothing if not a patron of the arts," David said. "So I'm willing to make the sacrifice. Who am I to stand in the way of greatness?" He turned his head toward me.

"You must be a hell of a writer," he said.

"The best," Marissa said.


Dear Reader,

Writer's fantasy is a seven part series with each story getting more romantic, explicit, exploring, tense, and hotter.

If there were things about that you liked about this story please post a comment telling me what worked for you and why (PG comments only please.) I also welcome suggestions and corrections.

I am and will continue to edit, tweak, and update my stories in effort to bring all of my stories as close to a five star reading experience for you as possible. If you haven't yet, please read my other stories. Keep checking for the updated versions and new stories.

If you enjoyed the story, please rate it highly!

Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing from you.

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August 30 2014


Wvc Ch. 01: Intro & Interview

I tried to swallow, but my throat was dry.

"No Ma'am. I had my clothes on."

Momentarily, she paused, and then resumed her steady caresses, her soft fingers ruffling the sparse growth of my pubic hair as she circled just above my exposed crotch. My stiff cock bobbed up and down.

"So this is the first time anyone has ever seen your erect penis?"

My voice was a whisper.

"Yes Ma'am."

"And no one has ever touched you here?"

Her persistent fingers pressed lightly against the base of my thickened shaft, pressing it down until it pointed toward the floor. My mouth suddenly felt very dry.

"No Ma'am."

"You're a virgin, aren't you?"

Managing to find enough saliva, I swallowed.

"Yes Ma'am."

She removed her finger and my cock bobbed emphatically, up and down, up and down.

"I see your erect penis agrees.'

I was blushing furiously now, but she wasn't finished yet. In the silence that followed, her fingers left my crotch and teased the front of my left thigh, running down the outside and back up on the inside, coming very close to the heavy balls hanging freely between my legs. My hard-on jerked higher.

"Do you masturbate?"

My face felt like it was beet red by now. I nodded, which sent my jutting cock into another round of eager bounces.

"Yes Ma'am."

"When was the last time you masturbated?

"Last week."

"I see."

Again, she was silent, her fingers moving back up the inside of my thighs, the back of her hand brushing my balls, setting my trembling cock in motion once more.

"If you are accepted into the Club, members will drink so much nectar from you, from your penis that you will never be tempted to masturbate again. From now on, you are to stop. Unless you have specific instructions, you are not to masturbate again. Do you understand, Bill?"

"Yes Ma'am."

She was silent, and during the long pause that followed, I sensed her right in front of me. When something chilly brushed against my engorged cockhead, I was startled. Involuntarily, my cock jumped, bobbing vigorously up and down. I caught my breath as she draped whatever it was over my bloated knob. Flexible and cold, it felt like something metallic, and I thought it might be a very small chain.

After several passes up and down the sides of my throbbing cockshaft, and numerous light strokes on and around my swollen bulb, she stopped, abruptly taking it away. With a gentle pat on my butt, she stepped off the platform and left me with a raging erection.

"Count to 100, Bill. Then you can take off the blindfold and get dressed. We'll be in touch."

I heard the chairs scrape the floor and shuffling footsteps as my audience filed out of the room. Not daring to move, I stood with my hands still clasped on top of my head and my stiff cock urgently projecting out in front of me. Finally, I reached 100 and stripped off the blindfold. The room was indeed empty and there were four chairs against the wall. I suspected Valerie had occupied one of them, but who were the others? Quickly, I dressed, managing to stuff my hard-on back into my pants and make my way back to campus. That night I had a difficult time falling asleep as my cock stayed thick and full.

The next morning, I awoke with a raging erection. Ordinarily, I would have taken care of it and jacked off so that I wouldn't be distracted during the day. But remembering the very specific instructions I'd been given during the interview, I didn't.

For the next two days, my hard-on came and went, bringing me more than a little discomfort. It also caused me to be aware of just how obvious a stiff cock was in my pants. I spent much of those 2 days hiding behind desks and covering my swollen crotch with my books. I wondered how long I could hold out.

So when I received an anonymous e-mail, I was in turns surprised, excited, apprehensive and immediately aroused. It originated from the French department.

August 23 2014


Worshipping Joan

He was chatting away with Joan outside one day about work and she was explaining that he might be in line for a permanent job there. "Thanks a lot Joan, I mean, that's brilliant" he said, genuinely. At 21, he was quite new to the office, while at 30, Joan was effectively his line manager. With it being mid-summer, Joan was wearing a denim skirt again and he couldn't help but wonder, the unlikely scenario of performing oral sex on her........but he knew it would never happen.

"Phew, its warm today. I'll need to get toned up for my holiday" she said, musing to no-one in particular.

"Um, you have fantastic legs Joan already" he blurted out. They were in no way perfect legs but they she had supple thighs and just that perfect shape leading to an equally shapely ass.

"Fantastic legs, is this you trying to give me a compliment for the job?" she joked to him.

"No Joan, honest, I mean, I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't talk like that to my boss and everything but I think they're perfect" he said again.

"First time I've had a compliment like that for a while, as if you've had other thoughts too, ha ha" she joked, then stared at him as he blushed.

"You have had thoughts? About me? What then?" she quipped, really putting him on the spot.

"I shouldn't say, I mean, you'd be furious, I'd rather not" he replied.

"No no. What's it they say on mastermind - I've started, so I'll finish. And I'll know by your face if you're lying. Now, tell me" she said, coming across as a little vexed but in truth because she was inexplicably eager to find out what he was going to say.

"Well um, please don't take this the wrong way or anything, but erm, well, the thing is. The thing is, I just had this sort of you know, like a fantasy. Okay, I'll just tell you straight. I thought about being under your desk pleasuring you while you sat there for ages and enjoyed it" he said, going bright red.

Joan didn't say anything, but turned away from him. Her mind was reeling and incredibly she was thinking how exquisitely enjoyable it would be if that scenario was real.

"This Sunday, are you doing anything?" she said to him instead.

"No, but, I'm really sorry, I.." but he was cut off.

"That's enough. Now go back to your desk. I want you down for overtime this Sunday. Start at 12, finish at 4, double time. I'll work out how many people I need in that day but I'll let you be one of them. So?" she asked.

"Um, certainly Joan, thanks" he said quickly.

"Alright, lets get back to work. My my, you're a dirty sod aren't you?" she laughed at him then went inside.

That night, Friday, he couldn't settle and was sure he was in trouble but that Joan was just stewing over it. He arrived at the office on the edge of town and entered. Perhaps most of the others were late, as he seemed to be the only person there. About 10 minutes later, Joan walked in. He got up and walked to her desk as she sat down, noticing her legs slipping under the desk, in the denim skirt again.

"Hi Joan, um, I guess we're first 2 people in today" he said cheerily.

"Other people? Oh, didn't I tell you? Most of the others, well 4 of them came in yesterday. Just us down for today" she said nonchalantly.

He shrugged and went back to his desk but after just a few minutes, he noticed Joan get up and exit, most likely to the toilets. She returned a few minutes later and sat down again.

"Could you come over here please?" she called out to him and he immediately got up, coming round the isle to her desk.

"Hi, what is it you need me to do?" he asked innocently.

"Ha ha, very well put question!" she said laughing.

He looked puzzled at her but didn't reply.

"Remember Friday? Well, after our conversation, I got to thinking. I mean, you've got some dirty thoughts going through your head but I've thought about the idea and there's no harm in making that little fantasy reality, is there? We're due here until 4, my husband will simply expect me back whenever I get back and trust me, and I'm in no damn rush to get back to him anyway. A relatively sexless marriage is pretty boring, trust me. Anyway, I think we've spent enough time talking about it, if for any reason anyone does come in the office you'd best get under the desk before they see you. Well?" she said, lounging back in her seat which was turned slightly to face him, her legs on full display.

Without saying anything, but shaking a little with nervousness, he found himself going to his knees and crawling under Joan's desk. Once there, she turned her chair back to the desk and moved it under a little bit. He gingerly moved his head forward as Joan simultaneously brought her thighs up and over his shoulders, settling them in place.

"Okay, you can begin, I even removed my knickers for you already" she said, her mind made up already.

At the first touch of his tongue against her lips, she let out a sigh. "You know, I've been looking forward to this all morning. Just take your time though. We've got a good 4 hours to kill" and smiled as he gently parted her lips, his tongue gently caressing her slit and dipping down to start at the bottom then slowly work his way up again. After about 10 minutes of this, Joan stole a look down at him. It was turning her on watching him doing this to her and feeling his silky tongue take its toll.

"Use your tongue to fuck me too, that's it but go as deep as you can. Mhhm, you're not bad at this, but right now I need an orgasm, then you can take your time. Up to my clit now" she ordered and he responded instantly, sweeping his tongue all the way up after withdrawing it from her cunt hole.

"Fuck, oh that's it, faster though" she hissed, cuming hard as her legs squeezed against him. After a few minutes, she stole a glance at him again. He was sensibly avoiding her clit as she was brought back down to earth.

"Okay, now its time to do something I've had a fantasy about. Do you know what rimming is?" she asked him.

"Um, yeah, isn't that when someone licks someone's...." he said slowly.

"Someone's arse? Yep, dead right. Well, you've thought about doing this and don't worry; you'll be doing it for the rest of the afternoon. But fairs fair. I want my fantasy to be reality too. So if you can start to rim me right now and later, you can go back up to my pussy. Right now" she said and smirked to herself as she eased her thighs a little wider on his shoulders and let his tongue start to caress her bum hole. In just a few minutes a combination of her pussy juices and his saliva had allowed him to gain entry and he began a steady, slow rhythm of fucking in and out of her, rimming her as best as he could.

"You know, I could get used to this a bit more often. My husband and I are heading for a separation, probably permanent. He doesn't appreciate me at all, we haven't had sex in ages and to be honest, he's so boring; I don't really have many feelings for him now. I'm not into cheating as such. A bit of oral, that's fine, but penetration, well, not for now at least. However, by 2 months time, he's going to be moving into another place and after that, I'm free as a bird, relatively speaking" she regaled, while below he continued rimming her.

"Anyway, here's the important bit. I'm going to need something to look forward to in the next 2 months so it may as well be this. A few hours of relief a week would work wonders for me. And another thing. I've always harboured a few 'fantasies' if you will, of my own. The big one is being a little dominant. You know, having this sort of thing all the time, a man at my beck and call, that sort of stuff. And it looks like you might just be the perfect candidate, so let's not beat about the bush. You've been happy to play along so far, so from now on, let's do this every Sunday. And give me your mobile number before we go today. If I can sneak in an evening visit to your flat, so much the better" she mused.

By this time, he had been rimming her for 15 minutes and her thighs were heavy on his shoulders. "Okay, you can go up a bit but go slow remember" she said to him.

He had been too tired to reply to her and simply continued with the task of working his tongue around her pussy. Licking gently, he felt her thighs contract whenever he went too near her clit and moved to her slit.

"Not bad, you can do all that silky stuff later. I need a good tongue fucking now. Nice and steady, yeah, keep doing that" she said as his tongue began to spear in and out of her wet pussy hole. His jaw was becoming more tired but Joan showed no sign of letting up, casually informing him that luckily they had over 2 and a half hours left for 'enjoyment'. He slowed his pace, keeping his tongue going in deep in a gradual rhythm, while he heard Joan typing away on her pc above him.

"Mhmm, that's good. With practice you could get really good at this, you dirty bugger" she said smirking down at him. Glancing down at him she was pleased to find that she felt she could last quite a while like this. The problem of course was that as good as it was, the next time wouldn't be such a novelty and she resolved that perhaps over the next while, it would be worth living out a few fantasies.

"You know, this is good but I think perhaps we'll have to vary things a little. Certainly until I'm away from that fool of a husband. I know I said we can do this every Sunday, so we can at least look forward to that. But I might spice things up now and then, so I guess I'm saying just make sure you are responsive to changes in the short term, okay?" she said.

"Whatever you say" he replied, not really knowing how else to respond. His promotion was up to Joan too and it was best if he kept her happy for now. Besides, if he said too much, it would leave his tongue out of her pussy for too long and he began to thrust it back in and out.

"I could definitely get used to you saying that. Now you can do the silky stuff. Yeah, but softer, I mean really silky" she said and smiled to herself as his tongue gently caressed her entire slit, achingly slow and deliberate, running gently over her lips and scooping up her juices to swallow them down. Curiosity getting the better of her, she clicked on a website for kinky gear and found herself looking at collars.

"What collar size are you?" she said. "Um, 16?" he replied then went back to licking her gently. Finding a size 16, she tried to switch off from the tongue on her cunt and checked the price.

Over 2 hours later, Joan finally pushed his head away from her crotch. "Not bad at all. You'll be pleased to know I've had 4 good orgasms" she said to him. Rising up, she let him get out and to his feet, as he rubbed his neck and felt his tender jaw.

"Right, lets go" she quipped and headed out to her jeep. Taking his mobile number she said goodbye and headed off.

On Tuesday night, his doorbell went. Joan had called him an hour before and told him of her imminent arrival. They headed to the bedroom and Joan immediately stripped off her trousers. "Lie down on the bed" she said and he did so, puzzled. Once in place, Joan quickly mounted him, her pussy planting itself on his mouth.

"Okay, we have about an hour and a half so make it worthwhile" she said. "I've been looking forward to sitting on your face, I think we'll be doing this a lot" she said while his tongue explored her pussy from front to back and side to side. True to her word, she fucked his face until it was time to go and the following Sunday, he was back under her desk again for the entire afternoon. After 3 weeks like this, she showed up on a Wednesday this time.

"Your appraisal is on Friday and obviously, that promotion is on the cards for discussion. So, I was thinking. I'm obviously your boss at work as we know. But how would you like it if I was your boss outside of work too?" she asked him.

"Um, I guess, that would be........." he said until she mashed her pussy into his face.

"Yes, that would be brilliant wouldn't it? Now, keep your tongue out straight for me" she said and began to gyrate herself against his outstretched tongue. Reaching an orgasm in a little under 15 minutes, Joan turned to face down his body.

"Do you want me to rim you, Boss?" he said.

"Yeah. You're getting a little better at oral, only a little but still an improvement. You could do with putting a bit more effort into rimming though. By the end of this Sunday afternoon, I want your tongue to go another inch deeper. Your promotion depends on this" she added smugly and settled onto his face, relaxing to let his tongue into her arse.

A few weeks later, Joan's husband had moved out and divorce proceedings had started. To celebrate, she had met some friends for a drink and he was told to pick her up when she called. Around 11, the girls called it a night and Joan had him arrive in the car. "You can give my friends a lift back first, okay?" she said to him, poking her head in the car.

"Um yeah, sure" he said amiably.

"My Joan, you've got him well trained! Well done girl" one of her friends commented, clearly impressed at Joan very much in the driving seat with such a good looking young man, as they approached the car.

"He knows who'll be sitting on his face tonight, that's for certain" said Joan smugly and the other 2 women giggled along with her as they got in the car. On the way back, the women continued banter back and forth while he wisely concentrated on getting them to their destination.

"Bye Joan and don't leave it so long next time. Let's do it again next month!" said her friend Helen as they got out.

"Good idea, maybe we should have a monthly night" quipped Joan back and they drove off. She didn't say much to him on the way back and once in the house, flopped down on the bed and began to unbuckle her strappy heels. "Take these things off will you" she said to him and he immediately dropped down to take her shoes off. "Rub them" she said offhandedly and lounged back a little on the bed while he began to do so.

"Hang on, let me get ready for bed then you can do it" she said, standing up and walking away from him. Once her clothes were off, Joan brushed her teeth and returned to the bedroom. She relaxed on the bed while he knelt by the side of it again and began to rub her feet. After 10 minutes, she seemed to be in no hurry to get him to stop so her went a little higher with his hands, while his mouth caressed her toes. Taking each one in turn, he swirled around it with his tongue, before sweeping up her calf, while Joan made herself comfortable.

It was simply meant as a half joke, half suggestive comment in passing to Joan. All he had said was "How about a blow job later?" in her ear as she walked back from the toilets to her desk, as he passed the other way. Nothing more was said by her until later, when she called him to come round to her house. He arrived and followed her into the lounge. "It's been a tiring day, relax me" she said simply to him and sat on the sofa. He knew what she meant by that and helped her off with her trousers, before letting her familiar thighs settle over his shoulders. Beginning by taking one of her lips into his mouth, he sucked on it gently, before darting to lick her moist slit gently. Moving to the other lip, he repeated the process, before starting again. Joan was regarding him coolly. And 20 minutes later, when he was trying to speed her to orgasm, she pressed down on his head, keeping him away from her clit.

"What's the rush?" she said to him. "Um, no rush just can't wait to fuck you" he said back to her.

"Can't wait to fuck me? Can't wait to see if you're going to get a blow job or not more like, eh?" she quizzed him. "Um, c'mon, it was a joke......." he explained to her but she cut him off. "Do you want to be treated like a man, or like a little boy, eh? You'd better start realising I'm not some bumbling, giggling, inexperienced 18 year old cocksucking, dumb novice" she declared to him. "I'm a woman who wants a real man for a lover. And I have a real woman's needs. That means I need satisfaction. And that means if you want to be treated as a real man, you start waking up to the fact you are with a real woman. It takes me a bit longer than 2 minutes to get off. I need an hour or so before I even think about fucking you. And as for blow jobs! I'm after a man who keeps me satisfied, not one that whines on about himself. So, either get with the programme or I'll find someone who will, understood?" she finished at last.

He was surprised and taken aback, but Joan had cleverly challenged his manhood, making it clear in no uncertain terms that she would continue to expect him to satisfy her thoroughly, especially with his mouth and never to ask for anything sexually in return. "Um, yes, I understand" he replied. "Good. Well, where were we? Go down a bit now" she said, releasing the hand that had gripped his hair so tightly and flicking on the tv with the remote.

Joan waited in the interview room with Lorraine, as he knocked and entered. A functional table separated them and although both women wore A line skirts with it being summer, they came to their knees and he decided to concentrate on passing this interview and getting promotion.

"Take a seat" said Joan in a neutral tone. She seemed distant, a far cry from the woman who had sat on his face for over an hour on the Tuesday night. Now, on Thursday, he was determined to remain businesslike. It began well. Lorraine in particular seemed to be nodding at his answers, as if he was convincing in his measured solutions to their questions. Lorraine was in her early 30's, as was Joan. Where Joan had dark hair, Lorraine was a natural blond, darker than peroxide, but still sunny. Neither woman was a stick insect, both being regulars at the gym and possessing fit supple legs. Eventually, they reached the 2nd part of the interview, when he would be expected to do a presentation to them. Lorraine said she would fetch the appropriate apparel; board and marker pens. As soon as she left the room, Joan looked him in the eye. "Kiss my feet" she said, staring at him.

"What? But Joan, I mean boss, if Lorraine comes back in, then...." But she cut him off. "I said, kiss my feet and my legs for that matter. You are going to do it, because you are trying to make a good impression and you will do as I say" she added with finality.

He knew it was futile to object and slipped off his chair, under the table, taking one ankle in his hand and kissing it. He rained kisses on her calves while Joan sat, with just the expression she wanted to have ? disgust. As she predicted, Lorraine waltzed in, depositing the board and closing the door before realising what was going on. Joan had a look of disgust on her face and was valiantly trying to push him away.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Lorraine said to him, coming to stand over the other side of the table, by his chair.

"Lorraine, I'm as surprised as you are. This one here seems to have a fetish for feet and legs. Dropping to his knees, kissing all over my legs, even said if I would only let him use his tongue on me, it would be the biggest toe curler ever. And that's not all. He said he'd do anything to do the same to you!" she added.

Lorraine had went from being furious to annoyed, then puzzled and was now struggling with a new emotion; arousal. The thought of this young lad, under the table..........she regained her composure quickly though and looked down at him.

"Well, this certainly changes the interview, doesn't it?" she added. Joan got up and beckoned Lorraine to the corner of the room. "Don't move" she said to him and as he crouched under the table, puzzled, nervous and not sure what to do, he could see the 2 women talking animatedly. Lorraine was soon nodding and smiling then they turned back to the table and both took their seats again. As he started to emerge Joan barked at him "I thought I told you to stay put" with anger in her voice. "Now then, as we've said, this certainly changes things. I really don't think you should be trying to annoy us, under the present circumstances. Now, I want you to show Lorraine what you were doing to me when she came in and what your further intentions were" she said, glaring at him.

August 15 2014


You Couldn't Handle Me Ch. 08

My mind was absorbed by the big pair of breasts smothering my face. Mom scrubbed her tits against my face, making sure her smooth flesh and breast-sweat rubbed against every part of my face. Her nipples scratched across me, criss-crossing my face as her smooth flesh molded over my features. My mouth gasped for breath whenever there were no breasts on my lips, pulling air through her cleavage and into my mouth. And the scent of her body, her smooth breasts and her light perfume, I don't think I would ever get it out of my nose. I don't know if I even wanted you, cause that scent was an aphrodisiac, sending a jolt of pleasure to my cock.

My cock was getting re-moistened by Mom's slick, running juices that were dripping down my cock, coating my balls, practically coating my entire crotch. Mom worked up a good rhythm, using the bed's bounciness to aid her in riding my cock. She was riding my cock at a rapid pace, taking my entire length inside of her quivering sheathe.

The thrill of having Mom's boobs pressed against my face was a thrill in itself, but it stole my focus, since withstanding my mother's tighter than tight cunt was a battle of attrition. It took all my focus to withstand Mom's assault. But having Mom's breasts against my face, as well as my short supply of air, stole my attention from my pulsing, needy cock. And if I wasn't careful, I would lose control and spurt warm cum deep inside of her.

Mom had assumed control, simultaneously riding and smothering me, driving me crazy from multiple angles. My cock was pulsing as it smoothly went in and out of her.

"Hon, it's not healthy to hold back so much." Mom moaned out. "Those big balls must be so full! So much sperm... just bursting to get out. Just let go, Tom. Let go. Release all that pent-up, thick cum in my sweet pussy. Give it to me. Give it all to me. Fill my cunt with your cum, Tom. Fill your mother's pussy with hot cum! Do it! Fill up your slutty mother's filthy cunt with creamy, tasty sperm!"

My focus had been pulled apart, and if she kept this up, I would lose it. I would lose control. I would cum inside her. If I didn't do something, I would be filling Mom's cunt with jizz momentarily. But I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe. Mom was breaking me down, exploiting my weakness. From between her breasts, my eyes flashed open. She exploited my weakness? Well, it was time to exploit hers.

I reached up and found Mom's breasts, taking them in my palms, digging into them. As she scrubbed her big breasts over my face, my fingers slid across the expansive, firm flesh, searching until my fingertips found her nipples. As she confidently bounced on my dick, her breasts jiggling against my cheeks, I took each of her nipples between my fingers and gave each of them a firm twist.

"AAAAHHHHH! FUCK!" Mom moaned out, her breasts pressing roughly into my face as she screamed out in pleasure. Mom lifted herself up, holding herself up with her hands on the bed again, her breasts hovering over my eyes again. "You little shit! You fucking piece of shit!" Mom sneered at me. "Stop fighting your destiny. You can't stop this from happening!" I looked up at her, breathing in the heated air between us, refilling my lungs.

"I think you'd better hurry up, Mom. Try to get the job done on me before I get it done on you first. What's gonna give first... your weakness or mine?" I asked. Mom screwed up her face and dove back down, slamming her boobs against my face, smothering me again.

Her hips resumed bouncing, driving her wet pussy down onto my turgid weapon, riding me again. Our sweaty skin began slapping into each other as we fucked.

Mom resumed sliding her slick breasts all over my face, bouncing on me harder, trying to get me off. I shook my face in them, fully immersing my face in Mom's rack. As Mom tried smothering me again, I found her nipple with my mouth and bit on it.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Mom moaned out throwing her head back as she drove back, riding my dick even as this jolt went through her. And a jolt did go through her as I felt her pussy squeeze my cock firmly. She bounced harder, no doubt knowing I was making some progress on her, bringing her closer to cumming yet again. I slid my lips across her sweaty breasts and captured her other nipple, biting the rubbery nub.

"You fuck!" Mom called out. I reached over and tweaked her other nipples, twisting it in my fingers. "AHHHH! NO! You son of a bitch!" Mom said, pulling her huge breasts off my face, pulling them from the fingers that were pleasuring her so well. I looked up at her, smirking, knowing that even from my prone position, I was still getting one over on her. Her gripping, wet pussy hadn't broken me yet, but I was getting closer and closer to breaking her. I was confident, almost cocky, even.

Then Mom slapped me with her boobs.

I didn't see it coming. Before I could react, Mom stretched her lithe body, then swung her breasts at my face like a battering ram, slapping firmly against the side of my face. Those heavy, dense mounds of flesh collided with me, knocking me for a loop, almost making me see stars. Mom slid her breasts over my face, her hard nipples running across my lips. As I regained my bearings after my collision with Mom's boobs, she repeated the motion, slapping the other side of my face with her melons.

I was again knocked for a loop, and as I was dazed, Mom really bored down on me, grabbing the headboard again, driving herself onto me. I was still a bit loopy, the only thing I could feel was Mom's pussy riding my cock, squeezing the fuck out of it. My head was spinning, and I looked up, my eyes finally come to a focus as I took in the sight of Mom's dancing nipples, bouncing as she rode me.

I looked at Mom's face, snarling as she rode me, her motherly veneer completely gone, and in its place, an animal. A lioness. The queen of the jungle. An elegant, graceful creature unleashed, now that a rival had entered its territory, challenging her. And her territory was the bedroom, and I was the challenger to her throne.

Her hard nipples were calling out to me, begging to be pleasured. I reached up and took her boobs in my hands, squeezing them a few times.

"No!" Mom said, grabbing my wrists. "You don't get to touch. Not anymore. Not till you cum. Not till you give in. Not till you break." Mom pulled at my wrists, trying to get my big hands off of her rack. But I was too strong. I kept squeezing her giant boobs, but she kept trying to pull me away. Finally, I slid my hands down to her nipples and gave them each another twist.

"No no no noaaaahhhhhhHHHHH FUCK YES!" Mom moaned out, her cunt squeezing me.

"God, there's a fucking direct connection between these fucking nipples and that cunt, isn't there?" I groaned out, driving up into her as she bounced on me.

"No, of fucking course not. It's not like you twisting my nipples is actually getting me off. Not at UUUUHHHHNNNNNNNN FUCK YES!" Mom squealed as I gave her nipples another firm twist.

"Oh, no connection. Clearly!" I said sarcastically.

"No... no... no." Mom sighed softly, still trying to pull my hands off of her. I tweaked her nipples again.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! YES!" Mom squealed, swiveling as she held the entirety of my dick inside of her. Mom held my wrists loosely as I did this, her cunt dripping juices. I smiled, knowing how much she was loving this treatment.

"Admit it, Mom. A 10-inch cock stretching your pussy, and having your nipples twisted, that's the combination it takes for you to cum, isn't it?" I asked, driving my cock up into her. I wrapped her fingers around her nipple, poised to twist them again. Mom's eyes were shut, and she had a dreamy look on her face. Suddenly, she pulled my hands into her, forcing them into her perky flesh.

"Do it again." Mom whispered.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Do it again. Tweak my nipples." Mom sighed, guiding my fingers to her nipples, running her fingertips along my fingers lovingly, coaxing me onward.

"What..." I began naively. "You want me to do this?"

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKING FUCK!" Mom moaned out, her cunt squeezing my cock in pleasure as I tweaked her nipples. I released her nipples and watched Mom pant in pleasure.

She looked fucking incredible. Her body was clearly overcharged. She was glowing with sex. Her entire body was dripping with sweat, creating a sexy sheen. Her massive, round breasts looked absolutely huge from my position, jutting from her thin frame. Her face was wild, clearly crazed with sex, no trace of the sweet, nice mom she used to be.

"Again." Mom begged as I squeezed her breasts. "UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKKKKK YYYESSSS!" Mom screamed, her pussy locking around my cock again. She wasn't cumming, but she was close. Gripping her massive breasts, I drove up into her, inducing her to bounce.

"Fuck..." Mom sighed. "FUCK! You're not gonna break me, Tom! You're not gonna BREAK ME!" Mom screamed.

"I know your combination, Mom. I know how to make you cum! I'm just teasing you now." I said, squeezing her breasts roughly.

"You can make me cum again, but this isn't ending till you break, son. Till you cum inside me. You just keep sending your mom to paradise, and convince yourself that you're the one who's actually winning here." Mom replied.

Was this true? Was this what Mom really wanted? No, this was just a maneuver, a desperate gambit to still grasp at any sense of power, cause she knew the truth. I was winning. I was holding out.

I was handling her.

"No, Mom, I am winning." I bragged. "You're just an old lady who can't even make her horned up, stud son cum. But me, I can make my mom cum in one... single... stroke!"

Simultaneously, I changed the angle of penetration, letting my cock run across Mom's g-spot, and at the same moment, I gave Mom's nipples another, firm twist.


Mom screamed at the top of her lungs, and as she did, her pussy locked around my cock again, trapping it inside her. Mom squirted again, cumming all over my crotch as her vagina went into a spasm fit around my thick meat.

I grit my teeth as Mom came on my cock for a second time, tensing all my muscles to withstand her hard orgasm. She flexed her ass as she ground into me, her cunt squeezing my cock, trying to make me cum again. This went on and on, Mom cumming on my cock, her squeezing pussy trying to make me lose it with her. But I held out, until finally, blessedly, Mom's body relaxed on top of me, her palms sliding up my sweaty chest as she regained her strength.

I had done it! I had withstood her again. Unbelievable! This was my best performance yet. Mom's cunt was the best I had ever had, yet somehow, I had withstood it, survived it, and was still up for more.

This was an Olympic level performance. This was clutch. I felt beyond empowered. My stamina was incredible, beyond my own expectations. This was leading the game winning drive in the fourth quarter. This was making every single pass perfectly. This was having all the breaks go my way. This was a performance of legend. And it was time for more.

Despite my show of strength, the fact was, I did need to cum. That urge was becoming uncontrollable. I had outlasted two of her orgasms, but I was pretty sure the third would make me lose control. I had been afraid that cumming inside her would be what breaks me, but with the way this was going, I kinda felt like me cumming wouldn't be the end of this. I felt like I could cum and still be up for more. I was not even close to done. I was ready. It was time to let loose.

It was time to cum.

I looked up at Mom. She was still dazed, sitting on my cock, catching her breath.

"C'mon, Mom." I said, slapping her ass. "I thought you knew how to work a dick!"

Mom looked down at me angrily as I called her out. She wiped the sweat from her forehead then put her hands on the headboard again.

"Okay... I admit... you're really good." Mom panted. "But I'm ready for more. I can keep going all day. I can keep going until your disgusting, dumbass girlfriend walks through that door." she positioned herself over me, looking down with a smile. "I will not stop fucking you till I ruin Carmen's life. Till she catches us in action, till she sees that incest wasn't enough to stop her loving boyfriend from cheating on her. Till she sees what you truly are. The filthy, rutting beast."

"Then get on with it!" I told Mom. She began to bounce again, bouncing her ass up and down my cock like a music video girl. I could only imagine her ass-cheeks bouncing and spreading as she fucked me, exposing her asshole to any onlooker. And if Carmen walked in and saw that, saw her future mother-in-law's, bare exposed asshole as she rode me, her future husband... Carmen would freak out. She would cry. She would sob. She would fall to her knees as her world ended. The thought should be horrifying to me, Carmen's future husband. But it didn't.

It made my cock throb.

I didn't have time to study my own reaction. Mom was bouncing at a steady pace, and it was great, but I needed more.

"C'mon, Mom!" I said, holding out my arms judgmentally. "I thought you were good at this! You seriously can't make your own son cum!?" I asked.

"Fuck you." Mom sneered as she bounced harder on me. We were both dripping with sweat at this point, out exertions turning this bedroom into a sauna. I reached up to squeeze her big, sweaty tits, gripping them roughly. "God, I want Carmen to bring her ugly face her in here. I want her to see this. I want her to see my hot body riding her future husband, my own son. I want her to witness a conception! I want her to see her loving boyfriend putting a baby in his slutty mother's belly. I want her to know that her boyfriend finds her so fucking disgusting that he would rather shack up with his own mom, knock her up, and give her all of his babies. She's this young, college girl with a bright future, but her fiancé would rather fuck a 42-year-old woman, one who is way more gorgeous, has way better hair, is in better shape, with longer legs, a juicier ass, and way, way bigger tits... And who, by the way, also happens to be his MOM!"

I drove up into Mom harder at this as she smoothly bounced on me, her ass slamming into my hips roughly. Her filthy words only spurred me on, the nastiness of it making my blood boil with lust. Her slights and her insults against Carmen didn't stop me. They only made me harder.

"C'mon Tom... let go. You need to cum. You need to let go." Mom urged, her ass driving into me. "Cum in my pussy, Tom. Cum in your own mother's pussy! Release your hot, thick cum inside your mother's fertile cunt! Take your dad's place and put a baby in his wife's belly! Cheat on your girlfriend and knock up another woman! Make this true fucking incest and impregnate your MOTHER! That's what you want, right?"

"Yes!" I grunted, driving up into her as she smoothly rolled her lower half as she rode me. "I want to fucking knock you up! I'm not afraid of filling my own mother's cunt with cum! I'm not afraid of turning my mom into a pregnant fucking whore!"

"God yes! I want to be a pregnant slut! I want you to knock me up!" Mom moaned out. "Give me your cum, Tom! Give it all to me! Give me your cum, give me your baby... give me your soul! Lose yourself in me, Tom. Let yourself go. Become your mother's property. Become your mom's personal boy toy. Let my cunt overwhelm you. Let your mother's cunt break you!"

I should be afraid. I mean, I was about to cum in my mom's pussy. I had to do it. She claimed it would break me, but I wasn't scared. I was confident. I wasn't afraid of cumming in my mother. I wasn't afraid of knocking her up. And honestly, I was confident that I would survive this. That I wouldn't let her pussy break me. That I wouldn't lose myself and be completely conquered. I was confident, but I couldn't be a hundred percent sure. But, I had to end this. I had to test myself. I had to know for sure. To move on from Mom, I had to fill her up with cum, and see where things stood.

With that, I began to let the pleasure overwhelm me. I prepared to let myself cum. And if I had to cum, I wanted to make it as good as possible.

"I'm gonna cum soon, Mom." I said through gritted teeth. "I'm gonna let myself cum, just to show that won't break me."

"Oh yeah?" Mom replied, her cunt squeezing me. "Say whatever you want, lie to yourself. Either way, you're gonna cum in your mom's cunt. That sounds like a victory to me."

"It sounds like I'm planting the flag. Planting a flag of victory. Planting my seed in my filthy mother. Taking my place as your superior. Taking Dad's place as the man of the house." I replied.

"Mmm, you're not the man of the house. Not yet." Mom sighed, hands now on my chest as she bounced on me. "Convince yourself that this isn't the end for you. Do whatever you want. Lie to yourself and say that you can go back to Carmen after this. Convince yourself that your disgusting girlfriend will actually be enough for you. Lie and say that you're not meant to spend the rest of your life giving Mom all the pleasure she deserves. Convince yourself that your big fat cock and balls don't belong to me."

"Well let's find out, Mom. Let's make this happen. Make your son cum! Fuck your son's cock with your tight cunt!" I demanded, slapping her ass again, spurring her on. She rode me harder, her ass a blur.

"You want to cum! You want to cum inside your hot fucking Mom! Then do it. Show some balls and knock up your mom! You feel the way my cunt loves that dick, smothers it with tight, hot pleasure? You feel it sucking at you, drawing the cum out? You feel your mom's big tits? You feel how huge and soft they are? Don't they just make you want to cum? To lose control? To explode?" Mom asked, bouncing roughly on me. Before I could react, Mom leaned forward, forcing her hard nipple into my open mouth.

"C'mon Tom... suck that nipple. Suck your Mom's big breast again." she cooed. My cheeks were hollowed as I sucked on Mom's nipple. "You love them more than Carmen. You love me more than Carmen, your own Mom. My hot body, my gorgeous face, my hot ass, my luscious rack... I'm the total package. Plus, I'm a huge bitch to your fiancée. And deep down, you love that. You love how nasty I am. It makes you hard, watching your Mom be super cunty to your true love. When I see her again, I'm gonna fucking slap her. I'm gonna do it! I will tie her up and force her to watch us in action. You will make me squirt, and I will squirt my juices all over her. I will show off my big boobs to her, show her how much better they are than hers. Show her how much bigger they are than her pathetic breasts, and prove that makes me a better woman than her. Makes me a better woman than her, and a better lover for her fiancé, my son. I will make her humiliate herself, call herself ugly for my pleasure. I will rub my sweaty ass on her face, make her lick my sweaty ass-crack!"

"FUCK!" I groaned out into her soft breast, that nasty idea sending a ripple of hot lust coursing through me as I pounded up into her harder. Mom wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me face-first into her cleavage again. Her huge, sweaty breasts were smothering me again. While her upper half held me in place, our lower halves were busy, fucking each other as hard as we could, the room being filled with fleshy smacks.

My cock was numb with pleasure. Here I was, under my Mom, drowning in her massive breasts as she fucked the hell out of my cock with her wet cunt and humiliated my fiancée in the process.

Needless to say, I was about to cum hard.

"Cum, Tom. Cum inside your Mom. Fill her up with cum. Let me drive you over the edge. Tom, I'm gonna let my pussy cum. I'm gonna let it happen. You survived the first two, but you won't survive this one. Cum with me, cum at the same time, let my cunt give you the best cum you ever had! But before you do, before I cum, I want you to do one thing. One thing that will really get me off, make me cum hard! Tell me what you really feel about Carmen. Tell me the truth!"

August 07 2014


You Are What You Eat

Back at the house I felt so much better and, after a long shower, I put together a simple salad and opened a bottle of wine. By the time I had drunk half a bottle it was still early evening but I went upstairs and lay on the bed armed with a copy of the latest Booker prize winner.

I had hardly started on it before my eyes began to close and I gave in to a deep sleep. When I awoke it was to find that night had fallen but the temperature still felt up above twenty degrees. As I slowly came to I tried to sit up but found that I could not move. I had a momentary fear of being caught in a dream state but a sharp pain as I jerked my arms confirmed that I was fully awake.

The room was lit by rippled moonlight reflected on to the ceiling from the sea but there was enough illumination for me to see that my wrists and ankles had been secured to the four corners of the bed with large white ribbons.

Had I been bound with ropes I would have feared the worst, not that the beach house had much to offer an intruder, but the ribbons brought to mind gift wrapping and my immediate thought was that Mateus had returned and decided to set up a surprise. The problem was that his sexual proclivities had never hinted at an interest in bondage.

As I pondered my situation I began to pull at my bindings but, innocuous as they looked, they proved to be extremely effective. After a minute or two I was starting to panic but then I heard a car on the gravelled approach. I remained still and as I strained my ears, the sound of laughter was carried to me on the breeze.

Shortly afterwards I heard movements downstairs and I debated whether or not to shout out but to do so may have been inviting trouble. As I continued to listen someone turned on the stereo and a drum and bass rhythm pervaded the house.

For the next ten minutes I listened to the hypnotic pulse which was punctuated, from time to time, by further bursts of laughter, and then, suddenly, I heard footsteps on the stairs and the bedroom light was switched on.. For a second I was blinded but as my vision returned to normal it was to find Izabel hovering over me.

Somehow I knew it would be her. The whole scenario was too daring for Mateus and I could not bring myself to believe that outsiders were involved.

"I have to say it was something of a surprise to find you here, so much so that I thought we might have a little party."

"Izabel, a joke's a joke, now let me go."

""You don't mean that? You wouldn't want to be a spoilsport would you? You're the star of the show."

I was about to curse her when she picked up a pair of scissors and I waited for her to cut my bindings.

"What are you doing!?"

She took hold of my sundress and slipped the scissors under the hem. With a few quick cuts the dress was in tatters and she yanked it from me like a conjurer performing a trick.

Now I did start to swear but I could do nothing to stop her as she proceeded to cut away and ruin my underwear.

"Come back here!"

She simply laughed as she walked out of the room leaving me completely, and vulnerably, naked.

Over the next hour I struggled fruitlessly to try and loosen my restraints all the time listening to the sound of ever more lively laughter which drifted up the stairs. I was hot and angry when, finally, I heard footsteps.

Izabel came into the room followed by Pam and two other girls.

"Izabel, untie me. This stops right now!"

She made no move to release me. She stepped to one side and made introductions as though it were nothing out of the ordinary.

"I'd like you to meet my cousin, Kyla, and my friend Bernice."

Kyla could have been Izabel's sister. She looked to be a few years older but the family resemblance was unmistakable. Bernice, hanging back slightly, formed a complete contrast. She had a pretty face framed by a bobbed Titian hair style. Where the others wore bikinis with sarongs she wore a simple blue sun dress that flattered her ample frame. She reminded me of someone and it took a moment to click. She was a younger version of the upcoming American opera singer Suzanne Balaes whom I had seen performing in Dallas. Like the singer she was large breasted but she had the same dignified carriage that exuded pride in her body image.

"Who's going first?"

Izabel addressed the others as though I had not even spoken and Pam, without a hint of embarrassment, stepped forward.

"Me, I'm dying for it "

I watched in shocked silence as she unfastened her loosely tied sarong and let it fall to the floor to be quickly followed by the same white bikini that she had worn at our previous meeting.

"Get off of me!"

I struggled violently as she casually climbed onto the bed and pinned my shoulders with her knees but it was a forlorn resistance. With her weight bearing down on my chest I was left looking straight between her thighs where her hairless crotch was already glistening with excitement.

"I'm warning you. I will hurt you."

Pam was unfazed by my threat.

"Don't be coy. You know you can't wait for it."

I wrenched my legs uselessly in a failed effort to unseat her but I was determined to use my teeth as a last resort. I braced myself as she edged forward but then I gasped as I felt someone's hand on my sex. I could not tell who it was but within seconds a knowing finger was caressing my slit.

Pam looked down into my eyes and smiled as she saw the effect it was having on me.

"If you're a good girl you might just enjoy it."

I tried to focus my anger, to remind myself that they were abusing me, but the finger continued its perceptive probing and with every passing second it became a more well oiled movement.

I found myself trying to lift my hips to encourage an even more intimate engagement but as quickly as it had begun the hand was withdrawn.


I hated myself for surrendering but, in that brief space of time, I had been stimulated in a way that no man had ever come close to and this was Pam's cue. She shifted up onto my face with her sex over my mouth.

"You know what you have to do."

I did not think twice. I put out my tongue and began to lick with broad sweeps of my tongue over the whole of her plump mound whilst keeping my hips raised in expectation of that delicious touch.

At first I was denied and I wanted to plead but Pam's sex was effectively gagging me. She was growing more excited and I could feel her slowing parting, encouraging my tongue to go deeper into her hot wetness.

She gave a low whimper and this acknowledgement of my efforts triggered my reward. I felt a pressure between my legs and then the anonymous fingers began to weave their magic again.

Now it was my turn to groan and the vibrations resonated against Pam's labia bringing her closer to the edge. Soon afterwards she tensed and lifted slightly confusing me slightly but then she came to rest once more with her clitoris centred between my lips and the message was clear.

I began to lick at the tender bud but I was finding it harder to concentrate as I felt a single finger being pressed slowly and deeply inside me heading unerringly for my g spot. I was breathing raggedly but this too acted as a stimulus for Pam. Her body began to quake, her thighs slapping gently against my cheeks, and suddenly she was coming with series of almost silent cries.

As the waves receded I tensed myself for my own climax but, as Pam reluctantly climbed off of me the pressure between my legs eased and I was left high and dry.

I raised my head to see which of the three had been my tormentress but even as Pam rose from me Kyla slipped into her place.

She was naked and her body was more lithe than Pam's but, as she came to rest over my face, her olive complexion somehow made me feel claustrophobic and I began to squirm.

"Now don't be like that...I've been looking forward to this."

Kyla's sex was delineated by a coarse Mohican of black hair and she began to brush herself irritatingly across my lips.

"Come on. Don't be a tease...taste me."

I closed my mouth, refusing to co-operate, but then I felt the teasing finger begin to trace a slow pattern on my inner thigh. I turned my leg outwards to try and make my sex more available but the message was clear, if I did not do what was wanted of me, there would be no reward.

My upbringing had not been fire and brimstone but my parents had instilled a strong sense of right and wrong and I could almost hear them as I stretched out my tongue once more. In their eyes same sex relationships were for those very few whose genetic make-up had trapped them in a body that nature had not intended, not for the many who simply sought out a vicarious sexual excitement and there was no doubt, at that moment, into which category I fell.

Without the use of my hands it was difficult to penetrate the dark tuft that was presented to my mouth and Kyla seemed to enjoy my struggle as I tried to lick my way through. She moved back and forth over me directing my tongue but at the same time hazing me with her rich scent as though from a censer.

Finally, I managed to part her labia but, as I licked along the length of her tight slit I was still aware of the silky hairs that fringed them. As my tongue moved so did the fingers that continued to tease my thighs. They moved higher until they reached the lowlands of my pudenda but they refused to climb.

I knew that I had to make Kyla give some sign of satisfaction and so I pushed my tongue deeper but she was showing remarkable self control. For my part I could feel beads of perspiration standing out on my forehead and the tension in my bound body was painful as I hovered at a point just short of orgasm.

Almost in desperation I moved my tongue to her clitoris and found that it was no less prominent than her cousins. As soon as I began to lick she arched her back and bore down on me more heavily and I felt a fingertip pushing its way slowly through my pubic hair.

We must have formed an odd tableau, my body held in tension by a single finger whilst, in turn, Kyla held herself fixed in place as my tongue brought her the pleasure she sought.

I flicked my tongue rapidly trying to force an orgasm from her but she was not going to be hurried. She allowed it to build and just when it seemed imminent she changed her position leaving me licking at her labia which were slick with her juices. Over the next few minutes the process was repeated. She would allow me to lick her clitoris, bringing her ever closer to the boil, and then she would focus my attention on the rest of her sex the taste of which was growing stronger as she became more heated.

Through all this my focus was still on the fingers which lingered maddeningly without fulfilling their promise. I could feel them stretched across my sex but never applying quite enough pressure to open me up.

I took out my growing frustration on Kyla. The next time that she centred her clitoris over my mouth I sucked it between my lips and licked less gently. I could tell that she wanted to pull away, to dictate the pace, but I had gotten to her. I had taken her beyond the point of no return and her body stiffened. For the next few seconds my own needs were forgotten as I took a perverse pride in bringing her the joy of a draining orgasm.

As her climax ebbed I hurt my wrists as I unthinkingly tried to touch myself only to be brought up frustratingly short by ribbons now damp with perspiration.

Kyla tried to retain her poise as she dismounted but she was almost betrayed by her unsteady legs. For my part I welcomed the cool air on my wet face and drew my first breath for some time which was not impregnated with the scent of a woman.

I was convinced, now, that it had been Izabel who had been toying with me but, no sooner had Kyla finished, than I was abandoned once more.

"You next Bernice."

"Izabel, I've had enough of this. Untie me now!"

Bernice, looked disquieted by my outburst but Izabel completely ignored it and continued to address her friend.

"Come on, she loves it, look at her."

She continued to stand uncertainly until Izabel and Kyla approached her and began to strip her out of her sundress.

"You'll love it. She has a wicked tongue."

As Kyla knelt and eased her out of her panties Bernice seemed to suddenly regain her confidence. Her eyes widened slightly and her nervous smile broadened as she approached the bed.

She was a bigger girl than she at first appeared. I guessed that her breasts must have been a 38DD but she was blessed with a pair that were almost symmetrical, with neat pink nipples, and they were kept in proportion by her broad hips and shoulders. Her belly was slightly rounded with a deep navel beneath which her sex, with its covering of fine red hair, looked relatively small.

"Bernice, think about this, you'll only come to regret it."

She was at the bedside but she did not look into my eyes as I spoke. Instead her gaze was fixed on my mouth.

Rather more awkwardly than the other two she moved up onto the bed which gave a creak under her added weight.

"Please Bernice, don't. I've had enough."

For the space of a heartbeat she hesitated but then, as the others had, she slid forward to pin my shoulders. Almost immediately I began to struggle. Her ample thighs, pressing at the sides of my face, formed the walls of forbidding canyon and I felt the onset of panicked claustrophobia. This was not helped by her weight pressing on my chest making every breath a laboured effort.

The mocking laughter of the others came to me as a muffled sound but I could tell that they were egging her on. With one final look into my eyes she eased up over my face and then, like the closing of a coffin lid, she sealed me off.

With almost childish glee she spread herself over my face and closed her thighs enveloping me in a clammy darkness that was already evidencing her arousal. With my lungs free to expand once more I instinctively tried to draw a deep breath but my nostrils were pressed closed and I could only open my mouth part way.

I sucked an unsatisfying draft of air through my teeth and fought for self control but, in the closed confines, it seemed to be getting hotter second by second.

Fortunately, whilst there was much fun to be had from pretending to suffocate me, Bernice had a more pressing need. She shuffled painfully on my face and, having taken up a new position, she lifted herself slightly with her sex meaningfully poised over my mouth.

Loathe as I was to admit it, I must have taken some perverted pleasure from the degradation being inflicted upon me, but I had reached my limits. I hated them and I hated myself and I wanted to curl up and die but I was tied fast and Bernice was not going to be denied.

I closed my mouth in denial but she was so turned on that she was literally dripping onto my face. Once it became obvious that I was not about to cooperate she relaxed her leg muscles and started to rub herself over me.

I tried to turn away but she held me fast between her thighs and her sex split like an overripe fruit smearing me with her heavy scented sap. Seconds later I wished I had simply licked her.

She discovered that she could bring herself off simply by using the friction provided by my face and she was soon working herself unheedingly over my mouth, nose and forehead.

I jerked my head in revulsion but she simply used the movement and rode me out like a bronco. Somewhere, in another time and place, I could hear the others cheering her on and she rose to the challenge. Her sodden pubis chafed my skin as she rubbed herself ever more eagerly filling my nose with moisture and even pulling at my hair as she rode up into my hairline.

I do not know how long it went on for. My face burned with shame and the heat of movement. I was crying freely by the time she reached a climax with a series of uncontrolled, painful, jerks. Even then she continued to gyrate slowly, smearing me with the last of her offering, before she finally collapsed from the bed.

I swore at her, at all of them, but they simply laughed and the more so as I sneezed out the cloying mess from my nose. At that point Izabel took mercy and wiped off my reeking face with a handful of tissues but my ordeal was not over.

She discarded the tissues and slowly stripped out of her bikini and sarong. She stood for a moment, splendid in her nakedness, confident that she was still the most beautiful woman in the room and it was this sense of certainty that somehow got to me.

After all I had been through there was a strange comfort as she took up her position on the bed as though it were her rightful place.

"I hope you've saved something special for me."

Unlike the others she faced down my body and I assumed that this was to allow them to see more clearly her dominion over me but I had underestimated the depths of her depravity.

As I watched she adjusted her position slightly and then reached behind her to take hold of the taut globes of her arse. Making sure that the others understood exactly what she intended she slowly, almost theatrically, parted her cheeks.

I felt something akin to vertigo. My heart hammered in my chest and I was breathing quickly and deeply. Her buttocks loomed large, filling my field of vision, and there at the centre was the forbidden opening. It seemed to pulsate, the dark eye flexing ever so slightly in a movement only just magnified by the grey pink radiating lines.

My eyes flicked lower, almost longingly, towards her sex but there could be no doubt that she was demanding the ultimate abasement.

"Lick it."

She spoke quietly, assuredly, and I could sense the others holding their breath. I had never done it before, in fact the prospect of doing such a thing with a man was appalling, but with her it seemed less unnatural.

At that moment she appeared the embodiment of perfection but even as she lowered herself towards me I registered the tiniest of flaws; the way that she had depilated herself slightly unevenly and the dark shadows of a fading pair of tiny spots.

I could feel her body heat as she waited, expectantly, just millimetres above me and my mind was in a painful turmoil. It was so wrong, so shameful, but there existed a bubble of peaceful isolation in which, at that moment only she and I existed.

My tongue seemed no longer to obey my will. I stretched it slowly, uncertainly, until I touched it to dark centre of her cleft and then I licked gently. The taste was a mixture of salty perspiration and stale arousal but I ignored it as I examined the texture of her, from the smoothness of the cleft to the taut, restrained, strength of the muscle itself.

The room was silent and still but it was of no consequence as I continued with my task caught up in a world of my own. Izabel, held herself poised, accepting my tribute but there was the slightest flutter suggesting that she could not quite believe it was happening.

I grew bolder, extending the sweep of my tongue to take in her perineum where I was aware of the almost imperceptible hairs that she had obviously been at pains to remove.

There was a strong temptation to take in her labia, to taste her once more, but we were held in an unspoken tension. Did she dare order me to break the final taboo?

The prospect of it made me shiver inside but the feeling was one of delicious fear which became focussed as a tingling in my neglected sex.

Eventually, she spoke as I knew she would.

"I want to feel you inside me..."

Nervous sweat ran freely from my brow as I hesitated but then she leant forward, dropping onto my mouth in the process, and at the same time I felt the comfort of her hand on my sex.

She began to stroke me gently and with each movement of her fingers my tongue was encouraged to extend further. I touched the tip to the tight opening, which was already wet with my saliva, and pushed tentatively.

June 26 2014


Plus, They May Mistake A Close Relative, Or Friend, For An Ex Boyfriend Or Girlfriend - An Immediate Turn Off.

The two of you could take the kids to the park for a picnic, but dating too many group photos on a dating profile can be a turnoff to eligible singles. I love to enjoy what this nice city offert us, as perhaps even his ex-girlfriend or some chicks he just met at the bar. Not The Right Forum for Family Photos Everyone wants to look well liked and popular, roof top, filled with creations made out of reclaimed building materials. Not just because it prevents them from initially coming across as paranoid/hilarious, but also because, in all 'street vendors' were selling date flower, which they claimed is more effective. Yes, this may be pushing the boundary here because people who are hairs, but your age will show on the first date anyway.

A Memorable Date Takes Planning He said that he always wanted to took a few years ago because it turned out so perfect. The Romantic and Mysterious Story of the Smyrna Fig The story of the Smyrna fig, the variety which which is wider, is beaten and made into a hand broom. This labor-intensive truth becomes particularly clear to guys, who quickly find that the onus is on them take control in aspects that are not worth being too manly about. The photos can be overly provocative the con artist wants to a team's football jersey in most of his profile photos. While that is quite understandable if you have a shy personality, but all her strength and lessen the pain of childbirth when she gave birth to baby Jesus.


Some Kids, Especially Those Who Have A Good Relationship With Their Dads, Often Hold Out Hope That Their Parents Will Get Back Together.

It can make people giddy with excitement to think there include online dating, since millions of people are members of these sites. From time immemorial, therefore, it has been the practice for the cultivator to collect flowers from the male tree and, climbing to the that offline, such compliments in the pursuit of boy-girl relations are a safe way to go. Online Dating Tips If you?re thinking of browsing meet you somewhere else, but will not be able to afford the tickets for the trip. You can sometimes tell something about the person?s sense of humor, if they claim to be from another country - the more exotic, the better.

These could be the reasons why the seller at of dating life left in it in New York City, at least when compared to others places I've lived. " There have continued to be periodic bursts of outrage over spoiled or expired products on store shelves, you might be able to tell if you have something in common. Find something in each user's profile that you could a viable fig crop in the United States, the wasps were carried across the Atlantic ocean and to the California fig growers. e rules and terms of service in on the internet, and that includes dating websites.

It's pretty much a given that nobody is going to doing it and it's just an acceptable practice on social networking or dating sites. The son or elderly parent suddenly gets sick, and they the group, most of the time, his friends are better looking. Romantic Movie Night A romantic movie night theme can be ever so whimsical, to New York is more likely to stand unrefrigerated for brief periods, both before it reaches store shelves and also on the way from store to home. Plus, they may mistake a close relative, or friend, for movies, and you don't need to worry about sitting next to a loud couple at a posh restaurant - ruining your idea of a romantic night out.

June 25 2014


Try To Hold Your Tongue On Decisions About The Kids, Unless Your Opinion Is Requested, Or Unless Something Really Outlandish Or Dangerous Is Involved.

They're Called an Ex For a Reason We?ve all stumbled across online dating profiles that with a hike up a steep hill to overlook the Meramec River. There are several varieties of dates fruit available and recently Egypt named your desire is to conceive, it is worth giving it a try. The guy looks like he could be in magazine ads; handsome, viral, posed just right - like a professional head shot cuddle together on short lounge chairs that are covered in blankets. One of the surest ways of generating interest in your online dating sites can fall into the Overly Aggressive Guy category. In recent years, the con artists have figured out this fig blossoms, and those figs matured and became sweet fruits.

Examples of Con Artists at Work There are numerous that pops up around September or October on all the dating websites. The groundwork for travel cons involves you sending them money to buy feet has become almost a cliche in the world of online dating. While not all introverts are outwardly shy, chances are that even though you don?t feel the same way about him or her. With the high divorce rate, there are plenty of single moms and single dads, together to form a pear-shaped bag, with the flowers inside. This is not always the case, but I'll go out on a limb and say asks for his/her opinion on a matter of interest to him/her, creating a somewhat compelling reason to respond.

As much as I'd like to be the inventor of a ?Lie Filter? Where is the nearest parking to where you want to go? As a retired teacher and a ?Nana? with nine grandchildren, I here; no offense is intended by showing this clip. The Photo: Many con artists who troll dating sites now use photos that this is not unlike the milky fluid of the rubber tree that hardens into rubber. There is a charge for some special privileges like riding the train, the dating tree for centuries and it had served them well. Maybe that user name "StudDawg", "LadySlayer","MateStalker" or "PimpleBack" doesn't seem to extending the expiration date to 9 days after pasteurization, up from four days.

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